National Park at Lom Sak

Located 862 kilometers south of Bangkok is Phuket, Thailand’s largest island, which is often dubbed as the pearl of the Andaman, or the pearl of the South. The south of Thailand is renowned for its famous beaches and seaside resorts, such as Phuket, Krabi and Koh Samui. Indulge in a lifetime, unique adventure on the picturesque exotic island of Koh Samui in Thailand! Tourists from all over the world, who are looking for the perfect getaway on one of Thailand s most pristine and exotic islands, should consider an unforgettable and rewarding trip to Samui Island. Rebecca Smith is a real estate journalist and author with over 15 years’ experience. In contrast to more mainstream locations, our stay here allowed us to discover and experience the real Thailand, off the beaten tourist track. There is a huge choice of accommodation around the island to suit varying budgets, although the trend is to develop more and more upscale resorts. They suit every type of budget. These high-end resorts on Koh Samui also host many cultural events, including Ten Stars Samui Art Party, which consists of various art exhibitions and brings together international and Thai artists who present their authentic artworks to the general public.

  • The Thais are widely recognized as a welcoming, smiling people
  • 65/10 Baan Tai
  • Make sure the property you choose has a telephone and address listed
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for references
  • 134 Moo 13

Koh Samui is only behind Phuket in terms of popularity and visitor numbers for Thai resorts. Which Thai region should I visit? Visit the neighborhood stadium to witness awesome Thai boxing that comprises of 5 rounds of 3 minutes per round. The resort-centred villa essentially comprises a resort’s superior room inventory, and will be priced accordingly. What makes a stay in a private villa memorable is the way it can take you out of the tourist centres to enjoy a more authentic holiday. In case you may well ask the causes for choosing Trip to Thailand then your fact is Holidays To Thailand seasons can be a complete bundle that provides an unconventional psychological holiday. Koh Samui is situated off the east coast of the Kra Isthmus, the narrowest portion of the Malay Peninsula, in southern Thailand. Koh Samui is served by the “boutique airline” Bangkok Air. Visiting temples – One of the highlights of most people’s visits to Thailand is visiting a few temples, and Samui is no exception.

Restaurants are confined mainly to local roadside shacks and a small number of independent hotels.

National Park at Nakhon Chai SiIt has innumerable rare varieties of stunning butterflies, a bee house and a museum showcasing few rare species of insects from other parts of Thailand and other countries. The people here are perhaps the most open and fun-loving in the country, perhaps because their lives are based on village traditions where overt consumerism has been much slower to advance than in the other booming parts of the nation. There are many natural viewpoints around the island which offer good photo opportunities out to sea, especially at sunset. Tourists also have the possibility to stay at 5-star hotels and unique resorts, such as Nikki Beach and Four Seasons resorts which offer a wide range of facilities. Restaurants are confined mainly to local roadside shacks and a small number of independent hotels. There is a lot to do to occupy yourself in Samui, whether you choose to hire a car, bike or use local transportation. WARNING – If you chose to hire any equipment be it a car, motorbike, jet ski etc do your research beforehand and only use reputable hirers.

What the North East Coast lacks in beaches it more than makes up for with its views. Bophut has a more rustic, family atmosphere, although the beaches aren’t so good. There are regular monkey shows in the monkey theatre, across the ring road from Bophut beach. Yes, you will find property prices are less. You can also find property on some of the islands off the North East Coast. Make sure the property you choose has a telephone and address listed. Phang Nga Bay just off the East Coast is one of my favourite places. Most have good views of Phang Nga Bay and some have their own waterfront. A short climb to the top of the temple offers some good views out to sea. Elephant rides are available at various spots around the island, usually in the interior as this offers ideal trekking ground. If you are buying for investment it is still far too early.

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